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Beaches Of Goa
Calangute : Calangute beach just 16 kms from the capital city of Panaji is the most popular destination for domestic and foreign holiday makers in Goa. Just 15 minutes from Willow's.
Vagator : The most photographed beach in Goa, is Vagator. Offering a good view of the Chapora Fort. Just 10 / 15 minutes from Willow's.
Anjuna : About half an hour's drive from Panaji, famous for its well known 'flea market' is the Anjuna Beach, beautifully surrounded by immense coconut groves, famous for its various markets besides the flea market.

Colva Beach : Located just about 6 kms from Margao city is the charming Colva Beach enriched by palm trees and silvery white sand. Sunset here is a must.
Palolem : Deep South, less than 40 kms. From Margao city, relatively less frequented is one of the most enchanting beaches of Goa, the Palolem Beach. It is an ideal locate for tourist seeking a close tie with nature and privacy.
Flora, Fauna Of Goa
Few are aware that about one third of Goa is forest land that it is one of the richest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world.
Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary : 60 kms. From Panaji, covering 240 square kilometres in the jungles of Mollem is rich in wild life.
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary : is an ideal jungle resort. It has mini Zoos, a deer park and a botanical garden.
Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary: (150 sq.kms) The sanctuary is covered by dense forest and is a home to a range of exotic fauna and reptiles.
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary : Fully covered by mangroves situated in Chorao island, along side Mandovi river is frequented by locals as well as migratory birds.
Dughsagar Falls : (60 kms) The most popular destination for trekkers and hikers is a just sight to behold. Water rushes down hundreds of feet in large volume from a great height, creating a most enchanting natural phenomena.
Mayem Lake : 35 kms from Panaji is one of the state's most popular picnic spots. Excellent accommodation and boating facilities available at the Lake.